No one program will fit every need. Tha’s why we have many options for your health support so that we can customize your care and trainging to your goals!

Kick-Start Consult

The “Kick Start Consult” is a quick, easy and cost effective way to jump start you’re nutritional and fueling evolution.  Clients will log the timing and quantity of food, beverage, and fueling (with correlated workouts) intake for 5 days of food/beverage/workouts/fueling products and time of day.  This log will be assessed and specific recommendations regarding better day to day food choices as well as optimal fueling & timing of fueling will be made during the phone consultation.   Information regarding Water Consumption, Taming Inflammation and Fueling & Timing will also be provided.  This includes a 60 minute phone call and all recommendations & information will be shared online via a Google Drive Spreadsheet.

Weekly Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

This highly personalized, 1v1 program provides analysis and recommendations on the critical performance topics of:  sleep, nutrition from a macro and micronutrient stand point, as well as training load and stress management & “stress budget” and recovery.  Assessment of daily food logs, recent blood work, current day to day nutrition as well as fueling options are all topics covered on our weekly phone calls of 30 minutes.  These calls are scheduled in advance and done at the same time and day each week.  Together we set long term and short term goals in the critical performance areas of sleep, nutrition, training, stress management and recovery and track progress through a collaborative online Google Drive spreadsheet.  This is ideal for those needing to evolve their nutrition and overall wellness throughout the year to match their athletic goals and those needing to tweak and fine tune their fueling and recovery strategies based on a building training schedule.  This offering, because of the focus on weekly agreed upon, manageable changes and the habituation of them, provides the greatest opportunity for life long improvements.

10 Day Transformation

If you are looking to reduce your body fat, balance your hormonal response to training, lower your cortisol levels, stabilize your energy and break your addiction to processed foods/stimulants, this 10 Day Athlete Transformation is an excellent, cost effective solution to do so.  In addition to the whole food based, organic, GMO free, product set you also receive unlimited consulting for workout planning, meal planning and follow up support for the 10 Days and if you choose to continue, you will be provided a Continuation Meal plan for the following 30 days.